The Meaning and Importance of Accreditation

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a non-governmental, professional peer review process by which educational institutions are provided technical assistance and are evaluated for quality based pre-established academic and administrative standards. Accreditation is used by the public as the most reliable indicator of educational quality.


One of the primary goals of ABHES accreditation is to assist institutions and programs in identifying and achieving goals in order to enhance the profession served. ABHES accreditation means that each individual program has received a complete review by an experienced and appropriately credentialed program, and that the outcome of this review has been considered both by peers and the ABHES Board of Commissioners for accreditation.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects the health care industry to generate 3 million new employment opportunities through 2016, the largest growth of any industry. Increasing demand for healthcare, because of an aging population and longer life expectancies, will drive the employment growth. As the only nationally recognized institutional accrediting agency specializing in a variety of health care education programs, coupled with its numerous national recognitions including that of credentialing agencies, the importance of ABHES accreditation cannot be understated.

Important Disclosures

Accreditation by ABHES signifies that the institution or program has the eligibility criteria and evaluation standards of ABHES as evidenced during its most recent onsite review and continues to comply with the policies, procedures and standards for maintenance of accreditation as established by ABHES.

While ABHES holds a number of important recognitions, accreditation does not guarantee Title IV or other financial aid eligibility, credentialing opportunity for graduates, or the ability to transfer credits to other institutions. It is the responsibility of institutions and programs accredited by ABHES and individuals seeking to train at an ABHES-accredited institution or program to explore all necessary aspects associated with their objectives. For additional information on ABHES please visit or contact the ABHES office at or by phone at (703) 917-9503.